Credits and Acknowledgements

Who Killed William Robinson? Race, Justice and Settling the Land was a project conceived, written and organized by Ruth Sandwell and John Lutz. The web layout and design of the year 2000 edition has been done by Patrick Szpak with the help of the people at the Humanities Computing Media Centre at UVic, whose expert help and resources made the revamping of the William Robinson site possible. Special thanks and credit goes out to Cynthia Foo for her aid in designing the layout of this site, Martin Holmes and Stewart Arneil for the Javascript, and Scott Gerrity for his sense of humour and making the resources available to the History Department. Since September 2002 Amanuel Moges has maintained and updated the site. The foundation for the 2000 site was the original 1997 site designed by Konrad Cedro. Corrections in 2000-2001 were done by Sarah Marsden.

The on-line version was funded in part by a grant from the "Innovation Fund" of the British Columbia Provincial Government. This grant, to make innovative teaching materials available to students, was awarded to Eric Sager and Peter Baskerville, who administered and guided the funded part of the project, which they have integrated into their introductory Canadian history classes at the University of Victoria.

In putting this project together we have had the assistance of Keith Smith -- who did a fabulous job with archival research; Patrick Lane; Lorna Livingstone -- who has done the original sketches; Stewart Daniel of Starshell Maps, who drew the historical map of Salt Spring; Mary Davidson of the Salt Spring Archives, who has generously shared her knowledge and assisted with the Salt Spring research; Brad Morrison, who has turned up numerous archival references that have shaped and reshaped our understanding of this case; Susan Johnston, whose knowledge of the dead of British Columbia is becoming legendary; Myrtle Holloman, who gave us permission, via Mary Davidson, to copy the reminiscences of her great-grandmother, Sylvia Stark. Sharon Belton and Karen Hickton transcribed numerous documents and certainly not least, the reference staff at the British Columbia Archives, who have gone out of their way to be helpful.

We would also like to thank those people who have contributed biographical essays to the site, including Martin Ainsley, Stephan Perrin, Roxanne K. Ewing, Melanie Hardbattle, Jock Paul, Jody Newton, Catherine Minshull, Kevin Tkachuk, Lucas Maikapar, M. James Roche, Jason Locke, Jerry Muir, Michael Verhagen, Shawn Tedford and Aaron Pite.

Who Killed William Robinson? Race, Justice and Settling the Land is copyrighted by Ruth Sandwell and John Lutz, except for those elements, such as the Stark Diary, the essay on Thomas Askew, and many of the photographs, whose copyright is held by other individuals/institutions, and which appear here by permission.

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