We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War


When Klatsassin surrendered to Commissioner Cox on August 15, 1864, Tnananski was among the eight Tsilhqot'ins accompanying the war chief. Tnananski's son, Cheloot was also present at the surrender. Like Klatsassin, Tellot, Piel, Chessus, Chedekki, and Cheloot, Tnananski was brought to Quesnellemouth to be tried for murder.

Although Klatsassin had assured Cox that all those accompanying him had been involved in the attacks, no evidence supported the participation of Tnananski or Cheloot. It is possible, however, that they participated in the killing of Donald McLean, Cox's lead guide. No charges were retained against Tnananski or his son. After ten days at the Quesnellemouth jail, they were released and returned home.

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