We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War


George (or Little George, Tenas George, or Whitlie) was a Homathco Indian in his teens and may have been Telloot's son-in-law. He was the cook for the advance party which included William Brewster, Baptiste Demarest, John Clarke, and James Gaudet.

On April 30, 1864, the day of the attack, George was washing the dishes when he witnessed the arrival of six Tsilhqot'in warriors, four of whom were armed. George heard four shots and fled to bring the tragic news to the main camp site where he discovered that the members of that camp had met the same fate.

George, accompanied by Alfred Waddington, joined the Bentinck Arm Expedition directed by Chartres Brew on the site of the murder. George helped locate the bodies for the inquest and during the Trial of the Six Indians, presided over by Matthew Begbie, George testified against Telloot and Klatsassin.

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