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Pollock to Cardwell

Union fr New Milns Ayrshire
By Kilmarnock
25th July 1864

Honoured Sir

In reading the inclosed Massacre of Scotch Settlers by Indians in British Columbia and finding the name of my son Robert Pollock among the slain I fear he is one of the Number. He left this in August 1853 along with a Mr. John Smith and Family to South Astralia [Australia] he being then 16 years of age, and was with them 2 years when he left for the Gold Diggings. We heard of him being on several of the gold fields in South Astralia but not from himself untill last February I received a letter from him Dated 2nd December 1863 Victoria Vancouver Island--in it he stated that he wrote me last April that he was going to the Cariboo Mines and expected an answer from Me when he came down in the fall, the letter not Coming to Land, he did not receive the expected answer. He then wrote the letter mentioned, which I answered on the 16th of February last and was expecting an answer from him about this time.

I having no person there to apply to I ask this favour at your hand as Secretary to the Colonies if in your power to furnish me with any further information about the matter.

Will Much Oblidge
Yours Respectfully
John Pollock

The Right Honourable
Edward Cardwell
Secretary to the Colonies

P.S. Perhaps My letter to him is lying in Post Office Victoria it was addressed according to orders

Mr. Robert Pollock
Victoria Vancouvers Island

Answer that according to a statement made by Peter A. Peterson before T.L. Wood, an Acting Stipendiary Magistrate of V.C. Island Mr. Cardwell regrets to have to inform the writer that Robert Pollock was one of the party of roadmakers in B.C. who was killed by the Indians in May last.

Abd 2 May

At once.

FR 2/5


Newspaper clipping, unnamed, no date, "Massacre of Scotch Settlers by Indians,"including a list of the victims.


Colonial Office to Pollock, 4 August 1864, advising that his son was among those murdered by the Indians.

Source: Great Britain Public Record Office, Colonial Office Records, CO 60/20, p. 355, 7062, John Pollock, Letter to Cardwell, sent July 25, 1864, received July 27, 1864.

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