We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

"Another Indian Massacre!"

The British Columbian, May 28, 1864

From a letter received by Express last evening from Mr. J.C. Colguhoun and Mr. James Wilcox, of Victoria, under date Soda Creek, May 22nd, 1864, it would seem that the perpetrators of the Bute Inlet massacre, on their arrival at the junction of that route with the Bentinck Arm route, murdered Manning, McDonald's partner, and several others, and had started off with the avowed determination of murdering every white man they met. We give the following extracts from the letter alluded to:

"A French Canadian, with an Indian guide, started from Fort Alexandria to proceed to Bentinck Arm. When near the Junction they met two Indians who told them to go back as the Indians had killed all the white men on the Bute route, and were going down from the Junction to Bentinck Arm to kill all they could find there."

"I may stated [sic] that one and all here are burning with rage to bring the murderers to speedy justice. Judge O'Reilly will be here to-night. We will act according to his instructions until orders from the Government arrive.

(Signed) John Cullin Colguhoun
James Wilcox"

The fifty stand of arms sent up by Mr. Ogilvie will reach Alexandria about Monday, by which time it is expected Commissioner Cox will have a force recruited ready to start, and this fresh affair will assist them in tracking the blood-thirsty villains.

Source: "Another Indian Massacre!," The British Columbian, May 28, 1864.

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