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Core Team Members

Stewart Arneil
Technical Advisor for the entire course of the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History project


Stewart Arneil

Stewart has over 25 years experience developing educational software and managing projects. He has for the majority of that time been a programmer/consultant at the University of Victoria's Humanities Computing and Media Centre, where he collaborates with researchers and instructors on the creation of application programs, online databases and websites. He has published and presented at academic conferences in North America and Europe. He is the president of a small company which has produced and distributed utility programs for creating online quizzes to over half a million users world-wide. His formal education is in geography, computational philosophy, instructional design and project management.

He helped write the first mystery (Who Killed William Robinson?), was the technical consultant ensuring the content management system used for the next eleven mysteries worked reasonably well, and for the most recent mystery (Franklin) is supervising the encoding of the text documents and writing programs to process those into the pages that comprise the completed website. He also supervises the maintenance of the completed sites.