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Peter Gossage
Co-director of Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
Research Co-director for Aurore! The Mystery of the Martyred Child


Peter Gossage

Photographer: Katie Adams-Gossage

Peter Gossage is a member of the Department of History at Concordia University in Montreal. A scholar of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Quebec, his research interests are in family life, gender, and historical demography. Peter came to the Canadian Mysteries project as an authority on the Aurore Gagnon case and a long-time friend of the University of Victoria history department; he was a co-investigator in the Canadian Families Project (1996-2001) and a Visiting Scholar in the department (1999-2000).

Peter’s first book, Families in Transition: Industry and Population in Nineteenth-Century Saint-Hyacinthe, was published by McGill-Queen’s in 1999. He is co-author of two further books: La fécondité des Québécoises, 1870-1970 : d'une exception à l'autre, with Danielle Gauvreau and Diane Gervais (Boréal, 2007); and most recently An Illustrated History of Quebec: Tradition and Modernity, with J.I. Little (Oxford University Press, 2012).