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Léon Robichaud
Research Co-director for Torture and the Truth: Angélique and the Burning of Montréal


Léon Robichaud

Léon Robichaud discovered the possibilities of applied technology to history in 1985 while studying infant mortality in New France. Since then, he has been studying history digitization, management, analysis and dissemination using information technologies and he teaches the relevant methodology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A specialist of the history of New France, Léon is using various computer tools to gather and manage data on population and on Montréal’s built heritage and space from 1642 to 1805, to analyze and represent the social and political networks of the 17th century, and to recreate Montréal’s urban space in 3D.

Léon Robichaud also worked on various heritage research and dissemination projects, notably for the Old Montréal official site. He is now Co-director of the Laboratoire d'histoire et de patrimoine de Montréal, a hub for the sharing of ideas.