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Caroline-Isabelle Caron
Research Co-director for Jerome: The Mystery Man from Baie Sainte-Marie


Caroline-Isabelle Caron

Caroline-Isabelle Caron is a Historical Anthropoligist at Queen’s University who specializes in the study of the popular culture of North American Francophones in the 19th and 20th centuries. Her research projects so far have focused on representations of the past (in the form of genealogies, legends and commemorations) and on representations of the future (in the form of science fiction and fan fiction). She has tried to get a better sense, a closer glimpse, at Acadians' and Quebeckers' collective encyclopedias, in Umberto Eco's sense of the word, i.e. the sum of the experiences and representations possessed by a person, and more generally, by any collectivity, which enables them to understand their world, and act and react to various experiences. She is currently working on a book studying Acadian commemorations in 19th and 20th century Nova Scotia. A project in construction will explore how science fiction in Québec since the 1970s has mirrored collective hopes and social fears about culture and governance. Another future project will focus on the evolution of fannic creative production among women since the 19th century.