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Wreck of HMS Terror Found in Arctic

September 26, 2016

The second of Sir John Franklin’s long-list ships, the HMS Terror, was found in the Canadian Arctic in early September by the Arctic Research Foundation. Researchers discovered the wreck in the aptly named Terror Bay. After Sammy Kogvik of Gjoa Haven told crew on the research vessel Martin Bergmann that he’d spotted a wooden mast sticking out of the sea ice in Terror Bay about six years ago, the ship made a detour to investigate the area. Parks Canada, which has led the search for Franklin’s ships for decades, confirmed the identity of the wreck after archaeologists had the opportunity to visit it.

Though the remains of both the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror have now been found, there are still many mysteries about the Franklin Expedition and what happened to British explorer Sir John Franklin and his crew of 128 men. The Franklin Mystery website, developed by the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History and a number of partners, provides students and the public with one of the largest collections of original documents, maps and images ever assembled about this expedition. The project also offers a variety of learning materials for students and teachers.

HMS Terror trapped in ice
"Terror" Showing the Courtyard, and Snow Walls Built Around the Ship (National Maritime Museum, 1837)